Use Mobile to Leverage Sales this Holiday Season

Use Mobile to Leverage Sales this Holiday Season

Consumers are attached to their mobile devices as if it were a permanent extension –interacting with their digital companion 13 times each hour, foreshadowing vast opportunities for mobile focused advertising during the fast approaching holiday season.

So, how do you overcome the challenges of mobile measurement for brand awareness and growth in sales? Google met with Bain & Company’s Global Marketing to discuss exactly how mobile devices ?leverage consumer engagement to drive growth. In fact, their data connected sales growth driven directly by consumer mobile advertising impressions received during a business website’s peak hours of interaction.

The solution– overcome challenges by measuring success. Start listening to your customers! ?Mobile plays a bigger role then you may realize. ?Your consumers provide your business the hard numbers that tell you exactly what you need to know about your brand. ?Mobile allows you to capture consumer data right down to millisecond your brand can ?grab their attention to best shape their behaviors and purchasing decisions.

Next rebuild the big picture. Focus on comprehensive business measurement rather than a metric, such as engagement, which will show true business impact. ?Drill down into data using bold proxy estimates and testing to find a proven mobile strategy that drives business results and guarantees ROI.

For more insight, research and trends about mobile advertising and how it can help you this holiday season, you can join us on November 15, 2017 for a webinar partnered with Google. During this event, specialist from Google will be taking a deep dive into mobile marketing and the digital journey of consumers.

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