The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Blog

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Blog

If you think that blogs are some new, hip thing that Stay at Home Moms and Authors do, you’re so very wrong.
These days, everyone from Marketing agencies to HVAC companies have blogs. Now, I know what you’re thinking but, no- that doesn’t make the market over saturated and yes, you need one too. Here’s why;

  • Connect with Your Customers

    A blog allows you to talk to your customers, and let them get to know you. They may not catch you in the store for a conversation, but your blog gives them a chance to be emotionally invested in you and your business. You can write blog posts about anything- the history of the company, sales, specials, an explanation of the services you offer, and so much more. Keeping blog posts regular and fresh will help your customers maintain an emotional connection and interest

  • Build Your Customer Base

    Having a blog creates the opportunity to keep readers coming back for more. If your content is engaging and regularly updated, with a touch of humor and human interest, you’ll have people coming back to your site on their own, wanting to learn more. As they read they begin to build trust with your company, and they begin to advocate for you. They may send out your posts to family and friends and boost your readership and in-turn your customer base.

  • Sending out Fresh Information

    For your regular customer base, you can send out information like events, closings, sales, and specials on your blog for everyone to see. This then gets shared on social media and can spread like wildfire, building your attendance to events and participation in sales. People are more likely to attend an event that has an article behind it, instead of just an event title on a 2 dimensional calendar.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Any content you have on your website contributes to where Google ranks you. When people are searching for something they need, they aren’t going to know to automatically search for your name. They will search for the product or services they need, the town they are in, etc. So, when you write blog posts that include things like your specials, the town you’re in, local events, etc. This boosts the ability for people to find you on search engines.

  • Expertise and Trust

    Having a blog where you talk about your specials and services helps give you the appearance of being an expert on the subject. When someone wants a product or service, they want to be able to trust the person selling it. When someone finds your website during their search, they will check your blog to see if you really are an expert, and if they should use you. Without your blog, you look like everyone else, and they aren’t given a reason to trust you.

Build your customers trust in you, and help them to look at you as an expert in your field and a pillar of the community. Once you build a regular reader base, and clime in the Google ranks, your business will have a digital footprint that helps grow your customer base and company.