The Precision of Digital Audience Targeting On The Largest Screen In The House

Over-The-Top TV makes it easy for brands to showcase their ads on well-known and popular TV channels without the dreaded skip. Streaming services represent more than 200 million users who watch ad-based programming. With millions of people around the US cutting the cord with cable, advertising on OTT Streaming Services might even replace TV advertising one day!

OTT Advertising is hyper-targeted, meaning’s team of experts will serve your ad only to people who are actually interested in your products or services! This helps to reduce ad spend on wasteful ads and increases your ROI.

How We Can Help

Using’s advanced targeting capabilities, we identify household members who have demonstrated a compelling interest in your client’s products and services and deliver commercials at an average Video Completion Rate of more than 95%. We construct campaigns that are fraud-prevented and best meet their objectives by leveraging tactic weighting, targeting optimizations, and inventory selection.

What The OTT Team Will Do For You:

  • Deliver hyper-targeted video ads to the most relevant users
  • Ensure that people are actually watching your ad
  • Showcase your brand on some of the fastest-growing video streaming platforms
  • Prevent your ad from being shown on the wrong websites or streaming channels
  • Decrease your ad spend waste and increase your ROI