3 Reasons Local Listings Can Help Your Small Business

3 Reasons Local Listings Can Help Your Small Business

Thirty Years ago when someone needed a service or product they would pull out the Yellow Pages, and flip through until they found the section that contained providers for that service. Then, they would call their friend Suzy and ask for Suzy’s opinion on which company to use. They might also call their mother or spouse, but their polling group was extremely small and their options were severely limited. Today, the digital age has revolutionized the way we shop around for service providers. Local Listings no longer mean a small ad in a newspaper or physical yellow pages. It now refers to large websites that provide your information to anyone in the world who might search for it. Let’s look at the 3 reasons local listings can help your small business.

Reach People Who Are Local

Even though your business may be in a nice building on Main Street, very few people are going to just wander in the front door. By putting up a simple Local Listing on Yelp, when someone searches for a business in your field you will pop up! The listing will tell them exactly how far you are from their house and how to get there. It will also include what other customers thought of your business. This is actively pulling people in your local area in your door, and making you an accessible small business.

Reach People Who Are NOT Local

A person from California visiting New York can now plan their entire trip?from the comfort of their own couch. The can plan every detail around hotels, restaurants, and museums with five-star reviews. People traveling to or through your area need to be able to find you quickly and easily. You cannot expect them to know the area, or ask strangers where to find a particular service. They want the opinion from something with credibility and familiarity, and they will turn to Google every time.

It Gives You Credibility

If you have a website but no local listings, Google is going to be wary of you. To their analytics, you have not verified your brick-and-mortar existence. By adding your company to local listings and adding your website URL you are giving Search Engines all the information they need to direct people to your website, and you are also creating a link from a website with authority back to your website. This tells Search Engines that you are worth finding, you are legitimate, and you are credible.

Building your credibility and visibility will drastically change your marketing effectiveness. You will be seen as an important part of the community and you can become a house-hold name in the local area if people can find you. However, if people cannot find you with a simple Google search, they won’t go looking for you, so expand your business reach and add yourself to local listing websites today!