Digital marketing is an ever-growing asset for businesses.

Health professionals have taken particular interest in the internet trend as more practices begin to implement tools that will effectively improve doctor-patient engagement and interaction.?Digital is a primary influence guiding patient choices and the patient journey starts with searching the web. ?According to Google’s Digital Journey to Wellness study, 77 percent of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments.

Google partnered with Compete, Inc. and fielded over 500 hospital researchers to understand what influences hospital selection and what role digital plays in the journey. Digital marketing content was the key decision-making influence when patients booked appointments.?

Patients response data concludes digital content is indispensable. In fact, with 77% of users using search before they book an appointment, patient web searches drive three times as many valuable visitors than other traffic sources. What does that mean for healthcare providers? A strong online presence and positive reputation is critical, and generates conclusive patient leads.

Patient’s love digital and in the digital world– content is king. ?Eighty five percent of patients booking appointments said digital content was the primary factor that influenced their decision making. Paid search ads, social media and quality search engine optimization are vastly influential as well, generating unique search paths that lead to valuable patient-doctor outcomes. ?Online videos and blogs also play a pivotal part in patient engagement. ?

Healthcare Industries, as well as other industries, have seen how the digital world has evolved to what it is today. With ever-changing digital platforms, it is important to keep your patients in mind through their digital journey. From website optimization to social media management, more and more patients are depending on the web to choose Hospitals, Specialists, and treatment centers.

For more insight, research and trends about the digital impact on healthcare industries, you can join us on October 18th 2017 for a live-stream event partnered with Google. During this event, specialist from Google will be taking a deep dive into digital marketing for Healthcare and Insurance Industries.

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