Google’s Latest Local App, ‘Bulletin’ Breaks Boundaries

Google’s Latest Local App, ‘Bulletin’ Breaks Boundaries

Google has introduced a new app which serves as the latest leg of the company’s push into hyperlocal content. Bulletin, which allows anyone to publish local news stories and events happening in their area, is designed to make it effortless to tell the stories that aren’t being told (via Additionally, it gives local media outlets an abundance of fresh content to take advantage of.

Users will be able to instantly post photos, video clips or blogs targeted for specific communities, giving locals a platform much like a local newspaper would. Ultimately, the service is a way for people to share information of local interest. It will be a tremendous opportunity for small, local businesses to generate buzz in their communities as well. Customers will be able to livestream their experience at your restaurant, bookstore or coffee shop. Running specials and campaigns will get immediate (and free!) publicity just by one customer choosing to share online.

Bulletin is Google’s latest attempt to penetrate the local information sector, after seeing that a large number of searches are geared toward finding nearby events, stores and local venues. Last summer, Google overhauled its Local Guides, a feature within Google Maps that rewards points to those who provide data and upload photos of local establishments. Bulletin gives users the ability to do this in real time.

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