Featured Guest Blog: The Power of Facebook Messenger

Featured Guest Blog: The Power of Facebook Messenger

Social media analyst Alexa Schmitz offers her insights about Facebook Messenger, a powerful tool that all local businesses should be utilizing.

If you use Facebook for digital marketing, or even just for personal use, you can appreciate its goal to connect people across the globe. Through your Business Page, you may have even noticed the fact that interactive content achieves higher reach and more engagement with followers than posts that are purely textual. But, have you unleashed the power of Facebook Messenger?

Messenger allows Facebook users to message each other directly and instantly. This might seem irrelevant to the marketing efforts of local businesses, but if used correctly, it can be an invaluable tool. In fact, businesses that reply to 90% of their messages within 15 minutes earn the coveted Very Responsive to Messages badge that appear on qualified Pages. This will let potential customers know that their message will more than likely be answered in a timely fashion, and make them more inclined to reach out.

Facebook Messenger gives you the golden opportunity to directly communicate with clients and customers before they even visit your store or website. Of course, Messenger won’t help your business if no one is responding to the messages. Below are 5 awesome Communication Control features of Facebook Messenger that will help you make sure all messages are responded to quickly, efficiently, and respectfully.

Away Status?

By setting an Away Status, users will know that you are unavailable to communicate via Messenger at that time. This is a great tool for companies who only choose to respond during certain hours of the day. You’ll still receive messages while your Away Status is posted, and you’ll be able to respond later.

Away Message

This setting allows users to message your Page, but they will receive an automatic Away Message that you created. You choose what this custom Away Message says – let followers know that you’re on vacation for the week, that you’re closed for a snow day, or that you’ve simply gone to lunch. Regardless of the reason, you can tell people why you’re away and when you’ll be back. This is super helpful for letting potential customers know that you’d love to chat with them, and you’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Instant Replies

Instant Replies are custom messages that are automatically sent to users who message your Page for the very first time. This is a great feature to use to ensure that newly interested users get a good first impression of your company and its responsiveness. Instant Replies can be as generic as “Hello! Thank you for reaching out.” Or, they can be more personal and reflective of the brand’s culture.



Saved Replies

Does your company website have an FAQ page? Do you find that customers ask a lot of the same questions? With the Saved Replies feature, you can create custom responses for your most commonly asked questions. Saved Replies are essentially templates used to craft responses to frequently asked questions. This saves you time, and helps avoid any errors when answering important questions and offering potentially complex information.


Before a Facebook user messages your Page for the first time, your Greeting will be visible in the thread. Greetings can act as a general welcome message…

  • Hi, how can we help you?
  • Hey there! What are you looking for today?

…or they can be more focused and used to proactively initiate certain conversations, or to provide helpful information right off the bat.

  • Hey, have you downloaded our free Meal Prepping 101 ebook yet?
  • Hello! To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 555-555-1234

Ready To Get Started?

Implementing these Communication Controls on Facebook Messenger is simple, yet extremely effective when it comes to directly communicating with customers via social media. Have questions? Drop us a line!