How Collecting Customer Emails can Help Build a Loyal Following

How Collecting Customer Emails can Help Build a Loyal Following

How do you plan to bring customers back into your business after they leave?
If you collect the email addresses of your customers, you can get your foot in the door and work toward making them loyal customers.
Creating a database of emails gives you the chance to target previous customers with digital marketing techniques. You can deliver engaging and useful content directly to your customers on a regular basis, reminding them that:

  • You are still here.
  • You care about whether or not they return.
  • You have sales and specials they should take advantage of.

Your customers lead busy lives, so if you don’t remind them to return to your shop, they may get busy and distracted and go to your competitors instead. Deliver them beautiful photographs of your products and interesting content in the form of:

  • regular newsletter
  • product updates
  • sales
  • specials
  • coupons
  • ads on social media

Using your email database to send out regular updates on your business, products, and services helps your customers feel like they are part of a community or club and like you care about them and their patronage. Facebook also now allows you to send ads directly to your email database, putting your ad in front of them in a new way.
Creating your own email database gives you the ability to have complete control over how you market using the emails.
Email marketing is also:

  • Personal– Your customers have opted-in. They want to hear from you and they will be more receptive and engaged with what you send them!
  • Direct– You can deliver highly relevant content directly to your audience, lowering the chance of wasted ad-spend.
  • An Asset– There is nowhere else that you can attain a direct line to your customers like an email database that you have personally gathered.
  • Growth– It is an easy way to re-target your first time customers and turn them into loyal customers. Loyal customers will then spread the news via word-of-mouth and social media helping you grow even larger. It’s a domino effect that you must take advantage of.

Grow your email database, and you will have the fuel you need to grow your company with a loyal following that you communicate with on a regular basis.