Google’s Latest Local App, ‘Bulletin’ Breaks Boundaries

Google has introduced a new app which serves as the latest leg of the company’s push into hyperlocal content. Bulletin, which allows anyone to publish local news stories and events happening in their area, is designed to make it effortless to tell the stories that aren’t being told (via Additionally, it gives local media […]

What is Audience Targeting and How it Can Work for Your Local Business

What is Audience Targeting? Using the Google Display Network we send your advertisements to websites your potential customers visit. We determine who your potential customers are through analysis, and then target them by age, gender, income, keywords, and websites they visit. We have experts who are Google Analytics Certified that work one-on-one with you?to make […]

Facebook Post of the Week: Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting is designed to help your business stay on the top of your consumers’ minds.’s Audience Targeting campaign can help display your company ads in front of an extremely relevant demographic. We target individuals based on their location, behavioral profile, articles they read, and more! We partner with top sites that will increase […]