A Call to Action: The Driving Force in Your Marketing Strategy

A Call to Action: The Driving Force in Your Marketing Strategy

What is Your Call to Action?

Think for a moment about your business.
What services and products do you offer to the people of the Jersey Shore?
Now, how do you motivate them to walk in or call your business?
When you create an ad, design a website, or set up your social media sites you need to make sure you have a call to action that directs consumers toward the action you want them to complete. Whether you want them to, “Learn More!” “Book Now!” or “Buy Now!” you need to tell them! When they visit your website or see your ad they need clear directions for the next step to maintain their attention on your product or service.
You’re call to action can be the quick and easy, “Call Now!” or it can be a bit more detailed such as, “Call now for a free estimate!” or “If you’re interested in our product call us today!” It all depends on your goal, what you’re offering, and what you think you customers will best respond to.

Customers WANT to see a Call to Action

In psychology there is a theory called Perceptual Set Theory which is described as,
“A perceptual bias or predisposition or readiness to perceive particular features of a stimulus.”

This means your customers are looking for the stimulus of a call to action when they see your advertising. Humans?have certain perceptions and expectations when it comes to the things they see on a regular basis, such as ads. When they see an ad their eye immediately looks for the call to action. Their brain is asking two questions,
“What does this company do?”
“What does this company want me to do?”

Your call to action can answer both of these questions. If they don’t find the answers to this questions relatively quickly, they will lose interest and leave your site or close your ad. Make sure your call to action is obvious to the eye, easy to understand, and a clickable button if possible. If you can manage these three things your ROI will increase, so create your call to action and implement it into your digital advertising today!