5 Surprising Ways Bad Reviews Help Your Small Business

5 Surprising Ways Bad Reviews Help Your Small Business

Your initial reaction to finding a negative review following a visit to your business or a customer’s purchase of one of your products may be, “How do I make this go away?”. However, in today’s world, less-than-favorable testimonials actually help more than they harm. Negative reviews can be just as useful as positive ones to sway potential customers. If you find this hard to believe, read on to learn five ways bad reviews can be good for your business.

Boosts Conversion Rates
Contrary to popular belief, bad reviews are helpful for increasing conversion rates. A potential customer will spend five times as long on a site if they interact with bad reviews. They also trust those reviews more and are shown to convert 85 percent more often (via Searchenginejournal.com).

Highlights Positive Reviews
Studies show that consumers who only see positive reviews are hesitant to trust the hype. Therefore, negative testimonials legitimize the positive ones – they simply make the positive buzz look better. After a lukewarm, or, let’s face it – scathing review, all the good parts on the positive one will have a more meaningful impact on their decision.

More Reviews > Average Rating
According to findings published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, people tend to favor a product that has more reviews, even when it has the same low rating as an alternative product. Emphasize the importance of marketing efforts within your organization to increase the volume (and of course, quality) of your reviews. Why? Because people are more likely to buy a product based on the sheer number of reviews it has, rather than its average rating. What exactly does this mean for your small business? Prompting, enticing and encouraging your customers – not just the extremely satisfied ones, but all – to review your products and/or services is key.

Gives You an Opportunity to Respond
78% of consumers feel that a business cares more about their customers if they respond to online reviews (via Searchenginejournal.com) Suppose a customer writes a biting review about their most recent visit to your business. Instead of letting it be, (for all the world to see!) take this as an opportunity to address the customer. You could apologize, provide an explanation, offer to rectify the situation – anything to show said customer – and potential ones – that you are willing to make things right.

Provides Valuable Insight
Not only does reading customer criticisms allow you to gain insight as to what you’re doing wrong, it helps you learn how to improve. Receiving negative feedback and turning it into something positive is healthy for the growth of your business. Take advantage of the opportunity to use their feedback to assess and evaluate your processes and policies.

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