3 Secrets to Growing Your Business with PPC Ads

3 Secrets to Growing Your Business with PPC Ads

Pay-per-click ads, also known as PPC advertising is a powerfully valuable way to snag the attention of potential customers and generate leads. If done wrong, however, PPC ads could wind up being a tremendous waste of money. How do you ensure your efforts are worth your while?

Drive Users to a Landing Page

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make during PPC campaigns is providing users a link to a generic homepage. The goal of PPC is to drive potential customers to a landing page that is specific to what the ad is promoting.

Provide Relevant and Easy-to-Find Information

It’s important to ensure the message you’re sharing matches the intent of the user’s search. They have clicked on your ad for one reason – to find the answer to their specific problem. If information is buried, cluttered or difficult to spot in any way, odds are you’ve already lost a conversion.

Click to Call and Form Fills

Providing a click to call option and/or a form fill makes it easy for the user to get more information on your promotion. Getting individuals to click on your PPC ad isn’t enough to generate new business unless they take the next step. In turn, making this easy for them to do is critical.

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